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As a Chesterfield resident, a night in winter with a malfunction central heating system is not something you’re looking forward to. This, unfortunately, is what you can get if you rely on certain service providers to take care of your needs when dealing with central heating systems. Eco Efficient isn’t one of these service providers because, as many of our clients will tell you, our aim is always to leave you with a system that you can count on in any season. Whether it’s your boiler or radiators, we always leave you with a system that is more comfort than headache.

Our central heating installation service which also includes boiler installation is the perfect solution when you need a system in your building that is operating at maximum efficiency and not likely to need repairs for a long time. When your central heating system isn’t properly installed, there’s no telling what could go wrong. Simply forgetting to use fittings that allow for expansion when the boiler is turned on could lead to leaking or broken pipes in a very short time. Our experts here at Eco Efficient never miss these small details so you don’t have to worry about a new system that is faulty from the beginning.

There’s also something to be said about how we handle repairs at Eco Efficient. For some service providers, boiler repairs are all about fixing the problem that can be seen. This is not an effective way of taking care of the problem in the long term. It could leave you with a system that will be failing again in a few days or even one that is unsafe. We always try to fix the root cause of any problem in our systems and this has worked out great for many of our customers. Even our central heating repairs are no different. If you have a leak caused by a blockage in the system, we won’t just fix the leak, we’ll also investigate what conditions made the leak possible in the first place.

Many of our clients have discovered that it’s a lot more sensible to anticipate problems and correct them early. This is why they are always asking us about our boiler servicing services. This is a simple and inexpensive check-up of your system that is carried out regularly to see whether everything in your boiler is in good condition. This is also a requirement of many warranties so you should probably check yours.

When it comes to gas and boiler leaks, you need a company that you can trust. This means that the company should have engineers who are registered with Gas Safe and ready to respond in an emergency. You’ll get all this and more from us at Eco Efficient. You can get more information by reaching out through our website today.

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