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Gas and Boiler Leaks

Our gas and boiler leaks Sheffield offers the kind of emergency response that you need if you have leaking boiler in your hands or a leaking gas pipe. Use of natural gas and LPG for domestic heating has become standard practice throughout the UK. This is because gas is a cleaner alternative to oil and a cheaper alternative to electricity. However, these gases are highly flammable i.e. explosive and with their usage comes a certain degree of risk. In order to manage this risk, industry regulators have put in place several measure. The industry regulator in this case is Gas Safe.

One of the measures that have been put in place by Gas Safe is that systems that are powered using these gases can only be installed or repaired by people who are registered with them. For a person to be registered with Gas Safe, they must produce evidence that they are qualified in gas safety. Unfortunately, some people turn to people who are not registered and while this doesn’t guarantee that something will not go wrong, it puts you in danger in a number of ways:

  • If the person in question doesn’t know what they’re doing, they could put your boiler, your home and the occupants of your home in danger.
  • In case something goes wrong and it’s the fault of the unregistered engineer you called, you could still be held liable for choosing to work with a person who isn’t registered.
  • In case something goes wrong you insurance may refuse to pay even if the damage isn’t the result of the work done by the unregistered engineer.
  • You could void your boiler’s warranty

When you call Eco Efficient to take care of any gas leak, we only send engineers who are registered with the industry regulator. You should always ask for proof of registration and this will be in form of an ID that will have details of the registration including the expiry date and the level of registration.

Boiler leaks don’t pose an immediate threat like gas leaks but they could be the precursor to something serious. Boilers may leak a small amount of water from time to time e.g. at the pressure relief valve. The manufacturer may even tell you about this when you’re buying the boiler. However, you should always call experts like Eco Efficient if the leakage is at a higher than normal rate or from an abnormal location e.g. the body of the boiler. Certain leaks can warn you that the body of your boiler is compromised and not likely to withstand the pressure of the hot water inside. With an expert by your side, you will know whether or not the boiler needs to be replaced or repaired. You can call Eco Efficient at any time for gas and boiler leaks Sheffield repairs.

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